Lyfe We Know

I hired someone to write a bio about LOJ. But after reading it, it just doesn't go well with the way we do things here. Sorry in advance if you where expecting this "Bio/About" properly written. Its just from the beginning, everything we do, is emotionally charged. The details are done very organically, based off the picture we intend to paint. This is one of the very few key aspects "WE" focus on as creators in the world of self expression. So on that note, Here is a Lyfe On Jupyter bio done the Lyfe On Jupyter way!

Lyfe On Jupyter is a brand helping great storytellers tell their story. Our main focus is on Emotional Quality. Without the emotion in the story, the picture would have no texture, character, and especially lack delivery. I mean what good is a story if it isn't delivered well? This is the problem I set out to solve, Delivering stories via music on a higher level, so its understood fully. Writers/Artists love us for it.

LOJ is also family. Before any artist can join the roster, we try to understand what values that artist has in his/her personal life. We bring the personal aspect into what they currently have as far as talent, and develop them creatively into stronger artists from the ground up. Thats what makes the marriage great.

Even in this sense, if an artist no longer wants to be here, they are free to leave if a solution to their issue can't be met. I state this because of two things, I want you to know we are here to change and disturb the industry. We do things very different then what you get from an ordinary label. The other reason why I want you to understand this aspect of our business is because, I want you to realize there is always good energy here. Fairness and Peace is the key to our decision making, and helps in maintaining a positive culture. Our artists are friends, or end up becoming friends with each other. From this we develop a culture of love, peace, and happiness. We are humbled by each other, and even inspire and motivate each other. 

Another important aspect of our DNA, is we do not do Albums! Its a format I do not believe can help to deliver a story very well...."anymore". Its filled with fillers, and stupid ish. The long format can make for stale moments, that become an annoying "Skip" for fans, and even make fans grow tired of a artist they where once supporters of. Lets not forget its a big waste of finances that can be poured into strong records and smaller projects that can allow us to invest more on visuals, and marketing. We stand behind our work 100%. Thats why Albums would be something you would not see here at LOJ.

Last but not least! We consider ourselves extremely creative. Its actually the easy part of this whole eco-system. Creativity, comes easy, to those that understand they themselves are also an Art project by a much bigger being. We all create no matter what. The creators that we welcome to the team, have strong belief in what they do, and know they do it the way they do it, because they have their own philosophy on why they do it, the way they do it. Its the people that don't have to speak so much about their work, but just allow the work to speak for themselves.

There is a lot more details I left out, but I just wanted to cover the main DNA of LOJ. Hope this helps, and if not, please feel free to reach out to me via Facebook Messenger by clicking the button below,  to answer any questions you have, or any feedback you'd like to give. Im looking forward to hearing from you!

Blood. Sweat. Cheers.